About Us

SAGovernments the South African Government Directory


Our main purpose is to function as a directory for all government sectors, helping the people of South Africa and our African Neighboring countries to easily connect with their local, regional or national government.
Over the past years, it has been an issue trying to get in contact with the right departments of our government, whether it be our local municipalities or regional government departments, trying to connect to these departments seemed to be a mission impossible unless you visited these departments directly but lets face it, the world we live in today just doesn’t have that much time anymore and we keep advancing into new technologies everyday.
So to make life easier for everyone including our Government, we have designed SAGovernments.com. This directory will help you to connect directly to your local Government Departments, Which is great especially if you need assistance or may have urgent Queries that needs to be resolved. On each government Listing we have included a contact form to send direct emails of all the queries you might have and provided a full page profile, so even if you do not get through telephonically, your message will still be received by the correct relevant party.
SAGovernments.com doesn’t only focus on Government Departments but all sectors, which includes:
  • Government Departments (National, Regional, Local)
  • Public Sectors (Organizations)
  • Private Sectors ( Close Corporations)
  • Private Companies
So even if you’re not looking to connect to your Government, be sure to find everything else you might be looking for.